Weakness is a habit

Fang Jin
2 min readDec 9, 2022
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Everyone is different, I heard this a lot. No argument for that. For someone who want to change, I recently notice my weakness is probably a habit, and also I recognize the weakness is, more or less a habit.

Devil is in the detail

Don’t dwell in the why/should part, for instance, by the time you realized that you need a change, you have already passed the stage of the reasoning. There’s a million reasons why, and there must lie a path for your discovery. But it’s not important any more once you are about to make the change.

Pay attention to small things. Get to the bottom of it, do pinpoint what exactly you want to do. Smaller the better. Because only when you know exactly a small tiny thing that you want to make an adjustment, you will actually do it! No brainer, isn’t it?

Without this identification and the exercise, you won’t be able to measure the progress. Not to mention you won’t be able to reach the realization that your change actually works or matters. In the end you have to do it. Why not do it today and make it non-destructive, only constructive with the insurance to rollback in case you don’t like the change.

Change is not always right

Change isn’t going to be smooth sail. On the contrary, it never is, the more important the change is. I’m not going to talk about the resistance. Just for the correctness of the change, it can backfire or even damage you in a heavily way if you are not careful.

So do it small, adjust it, adopt it, listen to others, and then stop listen to others. Do it your way, no need to be pushy for yourself. It’s you who want to change, not others. No others know how it actually works! They might solved their problems, but they won’t be able to solve yours. Maybe they never will be able to. So you have to do yourself a favor.

Admit when things start to fall apart. Buy yourself an insurance plan, or maybe even better, write your own insurance plan today. Plan how to do the rollback. Because unless you know how to rollback, you won’t dare to make a move. Not everyone is a hero, to be honest, we don’t need a hero here. We only need a change.


Once you did it, adjusted it, adapt it. You then realize everything more or less is just a habit. I used to have habit A, but now I replaced it with habit B. Nothing major, only the difference that matters to me, because I’m happy now.



Fang Jin

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