Use Mission Control to manage projects

Interestingly the Spaces feature has been built with Mac for a long time, however I hasn’t found a better use of it until recently. This feature is referred as Mission Control, which allows you to organize different applications by using virtual screens from a single monitor.

When I need to work on multiple projects, I used to organize them within the application. For instance, some application, such as Visual Studio Code, supports multiple project setup. However, when you start to use more and more applications for a project, this starts to get messy. You can forget where things should go because of the similarities between projects, especially when you switch from one project to another one.

Don’t just use Mission Control because you got lots of open applications. Trust me, I have seen people open fifty windows without getting bothered. The complicity only lies in your mind. If you are not overwhelmed, then you are fine continuing the way it is.

The virtual space does create additional spaces to host your applications. So if you don’t want open and close application too often, definitely the mission control is something worth to check out.

Turn on the mission control

If you don’t know if you have it turned on, you can try to hit the keyboard Ctrl+Up. If you see a bar appear at the top of your screen, then you have it enabled already. Using the mission control can’t be easier. Create a new Desktop with the plus icon at the top right corner of the screen, and then you can drag any application to it. The best part, you can now hit Ctrl+Left or Right to flip through them. If you have an extra Apple trackpad like me, you can put setup three or four fingers to swap left and right. It’s a bit addicting visual effect.

Though you can’t really give a name for each Desktop, you can give each Desktop a different wallpaper so to give each a unique and memorable look so your mind can be quickly dived into the project’s environment.

One of the thing that I observed using Mission Control is that, after using it, I tend to open an application window multiple times, so that each desktop can get a separate window for that project. Gladly, most of the application allow you to open new windows.




Front-end Engineer, book author of “Designing React Hooks the Right Way” sold at Amazon.

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Fang Jin

Fang Jin

Front-end Engineer, book author of “Designing React Hooks the Right Way” sold at Amazon.

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