Re-assert historical self-confidence

What is this historical self-confidence? It is a bit vague, and more or less related to the authority. For instance, have you been proud of what your country’s past achievements? Have you been proud of your parents’ decisions? Have you been super happy about what you have done lately? Yes, basically it’s a collection of events serving as the base for your ego. Laugh as you want, this actually is pretty important for a person’s self development.

For some of us, the historical self-confidence is illusional. Maybe in the very distant past, the country was a powerful kingdom; but in the recent history, there’s almost none to be remembered other than the rhetorical pretensions by our authorities. Admit it or not, some of us has been lied to since we were born. This is not the main issue here.

The more urgent task is, where is our historical self-confidence now if we don’t believe in our past?

Can we replace the historical self-confidence?

Subconsciously, I have been trying to figure out a way to replace my historical self-confidence. I don’t know exactly how, but more or less, I borrow some from other nations. This way I hope it can get a smooth transition into re-building my historical self-confidence.

As you might notice from a sci-fi movie, these type of “borrowing” almost always comes with some back fire in the future. When it happens, you can have conflicts between what’s your past and what’s now. Even when they co-exist, you can still experience double visions, which is not exactly a good thing to you.

Physchomogically speaking, when you have a void, you tend to rush filling the void. IMHO this is a desperate move. And I sincerely believe it is this trap lurking out there to always lure you back to your old model, whatever your old model was.

If replacing isn’t a good option, what else?

Acknowledging the void is the first step

Just imagine you are born today, due to whatever reason, we all deserve a new start. History normally isn’t created by us, we shouldn’t be burdened too much, although almost in-avoidable.

A void, or zero isn’t scary, as long as you accept it. Negative is a lot scary IMHO. So if we were born today, we can start with zero, nothing to be ashamed of.

Once we know the void as some sort of a fact, there isn’t any need to rebuild anything other than building something new. From now on, as long as you gain some self-confidence, you cash it in to your new reservoir. I can see your future is bright. You will still have some up and down moments in your life, but you at least don’t carry that much of negativity with you anymore.

You might say, this is a slow process. Yes, slow isn’t the same as painful. Moreover healing is a slow process indeed. It will be a lot more peaceful if you can accept your new form with the past where you don’t have much historical self-confidence.


Re-constructing your historical self-confidence from your past nation is almost mission impossible. Instead, you should consider starting from zero and add your new self-confidence to the pot slowly.



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Fang Jin

Fang Jin


Front-end Engineer, book author of “Designing React Hooks the Right Way” sold at Amazon. On my part time, I’d like to share my view in current economics.