Breathe for your success

Fang Jin
2 min readJan 8


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If someone ask me how to be successful, I might say a lot of things. But lately I learned maybe you don’t need to know too many things to be successful. Maybe one to start, that is, breathe.

We are all born to breathe, but at least for me, the first 40 years of my life has no realization of the breathing as a factor whatsoever. Instead I thought I need to think faster, think smarter without any clue that I need to be equipped with the right body to do all that. Maybe the Covid virus helped me to realize that. Maybe swimming helped, maybe some other activity I don’t know. Anyway now I knew that.

What’s the difference?

I’m not talking about the general breathing needed to support your life. Instead, the breathing I’m talking about is much more important when you are doing some heavy lifting thing, such as sports or any other competition. Under those conditions, your body might need more oxygen to continue to be functional. How many times you know you can’t catch up your breath? But what you don’t know is, you shouldn’t push yourself into the out-of-breath level. Not only it isn’t healthy, but also once you get there, you are already lost to the game. Keep that in mind.

So what’s the point? The point is that you need to learn to control yourself to stay away from the out-of-breath level. In order to do that, you should experiment ways to breathe at the right time, the right frequency so that you can still get enough oxygen to be NORMAL, with normal heart rate etc. In a simple word, you need to know how to make yourself comfortable and relaxed even when the body is under heavy work. You minds should feel still happy and not stressed in any way. This way your body can function as normal except it’s generating more output than usual.

This comes with the training. To know your limit, know how to tame your desire of getting beyond your limit while carefully testing your own limit. You can only get this information by practicing through training. One day you’ll get better at something, but definitely not through stressing yourself out.

If you are a competitive person, or if you think you can’t never be competitive, listen to me, try for once how to breathe better. It’s pretty cheap, you can practice with or without anyone around, under or not under any heavy activity. You control the pace of your training. And you’ll see the difference very quickly, believe it or not.

You want to be successful, don’t you? Then learn how to breathe today.



Fang Jin

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